River of Awareness – seeking the wisdom of love

River of Awareness is a manuscript that explores the spiritual adventure of love.It is divided into four books portraying archetypal motifs of life: journey, integrity, darkness and compassion. River of Awareness celebrates consciousness and compassion and the search for that wisdom which will open our hearts to love and lead us into a rapture of being. Book I    live water: journey River of Awareness 1. the pure river … path of awareness and love 2. tension and chaos … yourself to discover 3. right at the edge … resistance and readiness 4. awakening original experience… the hero path 5. river of images … symbol and spirit. Book II   inspired quest: integrity 6. to live the question … awareness power 7. insight and action … alienation to authenticity 8. feelings are stories … buried fire 9. intellectual darkness … bias and decline 10. fragile bodies … the healing force Book III   mud path: darkness 11. desolation … evil and impermanence 12. guilt and amendment … scapegoating 13. moral breakthrough … beyond blame 14. the practice of forgiveness… justice-making 15. mud and mystery … the death dance Book IV    sacred fire: compassion 16. inner connection … the silent river 17. born in the encounter…belonging and wholeness 18. the peace trek … building synergies 19. earth and fire … cosmic grammar 20. generosity and gratitude … celebrating compassion