The Wisdom of Authenticity – your self to discover

FINAL FULLThe journey into authenticity draws us into a world of love that heals our darkest fears. It is a journey upon which we slowly discover our original potential and find genuine happiness. There is no arrival, no full achievement of authenticity – but as we withdraw from ways of inauthenticity, we come in touch with the reality of both our inner goodness and our outer giftedness. The Wisdom of Authenticity has three main focuses: right intention, emerging awareness, and the fire of love. The way of attention gives one’s journey to wholeness its energetic momentum, engendering a keen connection to our lived experience. Indeed, self-awareness is crucial, and develops from a quality of self-presence and self-understanding. It is directed towards the inner befriending of self and a deep communion with others. True human potential finds expression in unlimited generosity, boundless ingenuity, and unconditional love. How do we best respond to the inner restlessness that resides in the tension between what is and what is yet to be? For each of us, an epic journey of learning and loving unfolds out of life's endless summons to transformation – the invitation to live more consciously, more creatively, more compassionately. Obedience to that summons brings us into the blissful experience of human authenticity.

  1. Longing
  2. Integral Potential
  3. Dance of Change
  4. The Anxious Ego
  5. Path of Integrity
  1. Practice of Presence
  2. Questions in Motion
  3. Art of Discernment.
  4. Web of Error
  5. Wisdom in Action
  1. Self-affirmation
  2. Quantum Friendship
  3. Interdependence
  4. Peace Consciousness
  5. Authentic Bliss